The Prison Within

Hiding in the spotlight while everyone succeeds. Feeling trapped in this heart and black matter. Running in place while standing still and this anxiety fills with sorrow…or is it laughter? No one seems to notice what’s beyond their sight. Staring into darkness just to see light. Music fills the background to numb this pain. Because without music, there would be no rain. And without change, there would be no getting out alive. All that’s left to do is walk this plank of broken glass through hell because there is no passing go and no $200; just this prison we live within ourselves every day.

Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved or of being unconstrained. That’s what the true definition states. Do we really have freedom in this life? I believe there are prisons everywhere in the world we live in. We have the obvious prisons that exist for the criminals and we have the invisible prisons in our lives. Whether it may be in your mind or reality, it still exists. We use excuses as a way to keep ourselves prisoners of our own demise. If you take a deeper look inside your everyday life, you may discover this “prison” I speak of. It is different for everyone, but we start to fear of what’s outside this prison. The only way to break free is to live. Don’t allow your destiny and dreams to be left untouched or unanswered. Find your freedom! I truly believe that no two are alike. Freedom for one may be completely different to another. It is up to us, as human beings, to accept each other and let them find their own freedom in their own way. I think it’s time we break free, don’t you?


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